Saturday, March 15, 2014

Whats Up!!!

First post for 2014. 

Not posting any updates lately due to reasons and such.
Anyway, whats going on lately for the past few months.
Some showcase going on for Inv2 over at NTU and some work in progress projects; WiiWryte v2 and the upgrades on Inv3.

Check out those pic below.

Science Made Fun organised by NTU; School Of Physics, Mathematics and Science.
Were invited to showcase Inv2 as part of the 2 days event slot for their newly course avaliable for the students.
Basically the Inv2, concept and ideas can be derived through a wide range of understanding the physic and the mathematics behind. Had a great time with the students question and the understanding towards what the learn from the school itself. 

Inv2 writing on a large paper canvas; 3m by 3m over a period of timeline. Looking forward to other showcase for Inv2. 
Much thanks to NTU and FunBie Studio for the invite.

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