Sunday, July 28, 2013

Overview of The Invader Series

Tech @ Mini Maker Faire Singapore 2013

Was invited to SMMF 2013 and the past 2 days in the faire was an awesome experience with the rest of the makers. I did a showcase of Invader - Urban Graffiti Bots. Have a great response by the public and even commercial people in media industry. thanks to the maker community who given me a chance to showcase and be part of the 2 days faire.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

36 Chambers Exhibition @ Helutrans

LION CITY CLANS: THE 36 CHAMBERS Born and bred under absolute autocracy, clans of the City of Lions practice their craft through the years under a shroud of secrecy and constant suppression. Battles blazed through the years, hidden amongst shadows, the sanctity of the silence broken by the sudden spurts of spheres clanging around the shell of a metal can and the innate resonance of pressurized paint escaping its valve. Urban lords and kings claimed their dominions over the streets; attaining kinship over the pugilistic aerosol warriors of their clans. The fallen, countless in their numbers, weakened in their resolve not in the pursuit of their craft, but to the unattainable path of false idolhood and kingships. Divisions and discord sowed its seeds among these warriors but alas, only the strong shall survive and only the strong has survived the trials and tribulations of their craft. Getting up under the allegiance of the banners once again, the clans unite under the banner of the City of Lions, 36 warriors in their numbers, bearing oaths of their clans but each personifying their 36 styles through their 36 minds evoking the perfection of the 36 Chambers. Styles will clash through the unison of their chosen armaments for today the can will be king, for today THE CAN WILL BE MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD. LION CITY CLANS: THE 36 CHAMBERS is a graffiti art jam cum exhibition in conjunction with the RADIKAL FORZE 15TH ANNIVERSARY B-BOY JAM. For the first time in years, all the focal crews in the Singapore graffiti art scene will be represented in this inaugural exhibition of its kind. The walls of the Helutrans Gallery will be transformed into a massive mural artwork, showcasing the unity of each crew while not compromising the diverse styles of each artist. Canvases will be positioned amongst the pristine walls of the gallery while the artists create their murals. NEO- Digital Graffiti work by artist TECH will be showcased in one of the galleries as part of the exhibition, exemplifying the progression of graffiti art over the years. This interactive gallery will showcase not only the neo- digital graffiti works of Tech, but also time lapse videos and productions from the different crews. The exhibition will run from the 18th of March 2013 till the 31st of March 2013. All canvas works are on sale. This exhibition is curated by ZERO of RSCLS/SOLIDARITY21.