Friday, March 5, 2010

Gakken Flex X Tech | Burnin Hot Shoe

Gakken Flex X Tech | Burnin Hot Shoe

Its a been a while since the last toy camera mods.
First pick out on shelves will be this GakkenFlex 35mm. Fully self assembled. U can just get it on an issue copy from Gakken Magazine.

Gakken 35mm hapened to have no flash mount. Everyone will always wanted and have type of camera with hotshoe mount which could make life pretty easy to take photo in low light condition.

Im starting out with modifying this little toy camera with salvage part of hot shoe mount and place it to the camera. Got a roll to start with to test the outcome with flash..Stay tune... people. and enjoy the pic.

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Mijonju said...

wonderful! job on the modification@!! amazing!