Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tech X Holga E-W

Tech Holga E-W

Another Holga Mod by me.
Newly bought holga from Khloe during her booth at Baybeats recently.
She said " Doing another Mod...?"
I said "..maybe..."

Present you another Holga mod. An additional based motorized forwarding frame.
"I've been too lazy to turned those wheel to another frame.."

-Hand build and crafted the based unit.
-90degress angle gear box with motor
-12v battery
-matt black finishing

My view - its pretty much more confortable to hold..motor works great.

For more picture click link below.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Air Freshner Mod

A random idea in a Taxi somewhere KL couple months back with a friend.
Random project which i keen on make it happened.

After much planning n idea. I basically used back the existing Freshner Dispenser available at home (I got this at home). A simple mod done and it fits n works perfect.
The project/idea is to placed different kind of freshner available to the dispenser. An actual dispenser could only placed a small type of cans.

Check them photos out.

existing dispenser unit
removing the mechanical n the processing unit.
Have to cut out a bigger slot for the spacing.
normal small freshner with small tip in diameter
Different kind of freshner with tip of a little bit bigger in diameter.
take note of the right side cap which being modify; stock cap from a normal spray paint. it fits nicely

Whats left in progress to placed it back to the case, a few cut out from the original n its done.
Another great n quick weekend project.