Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tech X Holga X Instax Mod

Due to the hype of the Diana Instax Back available. I wondering if i could made this possible to Holga itself. Thanks to a few lomotion guys who supported me. Its a great challenged yet another great weekend project Done!!.

Unfortunately i have to eject the intax film manualy. For some incident the original motor and gear damaged. Replacement hassled; parts unable to be found outside. The distant lens point to the original holga film sit are now 5mm extra/away so this mod only able to take up close up and portrait shot.

Instax Back for holga Mod. from Yours Truly.

Holga 35mm back.
Spoilt instax.
aperture mod to F11
25 out of 30 instax wasted during the trial run.
Now 0/10.