Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yashica MG-1 Repaired and Mod

Same Camera from the previous post. Yashica MG-1.
I don't have time to test it out. Notice something which i did take note off during the first repaired. MG-1 have to light indicator which enable us to take note during the exposure. Overexp. or Slow shutter speed .

I happened to test it out just outside my house. Realize that the overexposed light indicator did not light up, and of course the slow light indicator works fine.

Here i go again troubleshooting where might go wrong, or simply the bulb just blows off.

The bulb dead. Replace it with 3mm led. Since it consume less voltage and current. Point check with DMM , it can goes more than 3v depends on the light intensity falls to the light meter.

Cut out the wiring of and solder the respective point of - and + side of the led. At this point of time, i fix the problem. Led works on during large aperture setting, which means over expoure.

The light did not give much intensity on the bright sunny day outside. Very small of amount of light to indicate it to be over exposure definately hardly notice. If u excidently forgot to dial in to the corrent expoure setting.

As a results, i have no choice but to changed to 5mm led which gives out higher output and since the led are way to big to slot in internally at the actually of the camera. i Mod it by placing the Led outside. Since theres a small hole located there, the led are nicely placed outside. The Led works better this time.

The Led placed out side did not give and problem with the original ones. but i think it serve the purposed to reworked.
I definetly have to test roll this camera out during weekend.
Happy Great Weekend Part People.


Shizzle's Shiznit said...

can you tell me how you took the top part off? ive been looking all over the internet and havent found anything even remotely as close as this. i took the screws off and now my film advance lever is in the way. what do i do next?

Rohaimi 'Tech' Mohamed said...

Hi Shizzle's Shiznit
you have to remove the advance lever and the winding film also.