Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yashica MG-1 internal/repaired

Solving MG-1

A quick sneak into the internal part of Yashica MG-1.
Friend of mine gave this to me cause he say its broken.
Since that the led is functioning and only the shutter gave a buld mode everytime, I assume the light meter is working and there might be part loose connection to trigger the shutter.

Spend about couple of hours in my workplace to partly dismantled the camera.
My guess is right, fixed the contact and it works now.
The camera are now good to go and well clean by me and DamageDigital

Below are pic of internal part of the camera and the cause of it to not triggering the shutter.
No harm trying to looked into the internal part if u knew what u are doing and if its really cant be fixed, at most just make it into a collection.

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