Sunday, June 10, 2007


Finally i finished hooking and planning of adding a civil. camera just outside my home.
Requested by my mom of having trouble knowing "who's behind the door , knocking away.."
Yeah,She had trouble walking up to the door to looked at, so i did something for ease of her.

- Vga camera mono. running at 9VDC and tv output
- Inductive sensor with build in relay and pre-program settings;running at 12vdc and could go up to 3 mtres in sensing range.
- Wires to hook up and patience.

The Camera

The controller

The Sensor

"Halo, anybody home.!!"

Im happy with the outcome ;maybe future i hook up with colour camera instead.

1 comment:

Wana said...

oh wow. my jiran recently fixed a cam also outside the house. someone have been messing around with their plants, so time to nab the culprit!

so no doing anythin hanky panky outside my house already. huuhuu..

anyway, gr8 stuffs you have. all the best to you!!