Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tech X BeamBots

i'm really inspired by the creator of BeamBots,of cource theres many of them out there.I like the way they manipulate the analog sytle into a rare creature from its own component as a skeleton.

This are my version of it.Simple made up of two dc motor 3v lithium battery and a feeler to autonomus the moving of individual motor.This are the miniture ones..about size of a 30cm by 40 cm in length.I making a bit bigger ones soon.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Finally i finished hooking and planning of adding a civil. camera just outside my home.
Requested by my mom of having trouble knowing "who's behind the door , knocking away.."
Yeah,She had trouble walking up to the door to looked at, so i did something for ease of her.

- Vga camera mono. running at 9VDC and tv output
- Inductive sensor with build in relay and pre-program settings;running at 12vdc and could go up to 3 mtres in sensing range.
- Wires to hook up and patience.

The Camera

The controller

The Sensor

"Halo, anybody home.!!"

Im happy with the outcome ;maybe future i hook up with colour camera instead.